Writing Projects

Primrose Hill Winter 2018
Photo by K.Sivapalan. Free to use

Current Works in Progress

Anthologist: Crisis in our Time (Poetry Collection) Poems published here on WordPress and some as of yet published which depict a form of crisis that some or all of us are experiencing in our life-time – ecological, mid-life, political, humanitarian, identity, spiritual, economic. In the 21st Century the list goes on…

A Love Alike Alternative history novel about a world similar to our own with one incredible difference. What impact does this have on the people of this world? How do they love, live and work? What parallels can we see taking place in our own world? Complete and currently querying.

The Wheel A series of 12 poems depicting the annual journey of the sun through the zodiac. The poems explore the essence of each sign through the understanding the archetypes and tuning into the energies of the sun during its 30 day transit through each sign. Now published in video form here

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