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The word

So here it is 2015. 304 days to go before I open my shop.

I’ve just spent the last five minutes contemplating that sentence. Those simple few words have an incomprehensible vastness about them. It deserved a little time to just be with it and immerse.

This is because today I woke up with my mind full of questions today. Questions, expectations, the anticipation of impending drama. Luckily thanks to an immensely enjoyable, bubble-filled New Years eve my body is in charge and is refusing to play my mind’s games.
The guardian of my spirit lead me to support to quieten the mind in the form of another important teacher to me, Eckhart Tolle.
I’ve had a podcast of his given to me by a friend over 4 years ago which I have just listened to, and received, today. And just to make sure I truly get the message the universe threw some 1s and 4s and then a 444 my way in quick succession.

He talked about the Power of Now, being in the Now and the observer of the now, all things I have read before and then he started talking about space or rather Being the space.

This resonated so deeply I can still feel the vibrations working their way through.

Space. A word I’ve written about, explored and reflected on but again did not fully receive until today. Not allowing the space, finding the space but being the space. Connecting with the space inside me. The “I am” space. I can’t explain it but this fills me with a sense of calm and focus.

Whatever becomes of this year I have a strong feeling this word or rather what is behind this word is going to be in everything.

* for more information on Eckhart Tolle I found a useful summary here

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