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My Big Issue

I think my new guide and benefactor is one of those “firm but fair” teachers.
I was not so secretly hoping for a nice soft and fluffy one that would take my hand and together we would skip down that golden path to enlightenment.
Not he. He is the embodiment of Capricorn.

Serious, disciplined, looking up at the mountain path working out the best way up.

Yes yes in between the sniffles and sneezes I received the message. Time to knuckle down.

On to today…

As my body is still feeling weary I was also not particularly bouncy and shiny today so I asked him for a sign. A spirit rather than an ego boost. Something in my day that said “we’re on your side”.

Before I caught the tube I passed by a Big Issue vendor I usually buy from, who had been absent all week, so I bought a copy.

Then I settled on the article by the founder, John Bird. First he mentioned about staying conscious. Yes that’s good, will do. And then he talked about witnessing new retail experiments in the high street. Not chains but innovation from small businesses in combining one purpose with another – eg a bookshop selling tea and coffee.
No this isn’t new and I’m not saying it is, rather, like the words gratitude and space, I HEARD it. John Bird was this week’s Eckhart Tolle. He got through. And he got through because I asked for a messenger.

This is another pillar of what I want to do. Why I call it a shop in inverted commas. It’s the combination of purpose. You can buy things and…
But I’m yet to find a word that describes the concept.

At the moment that’s not important, the feelings and intuitions are.

And of course, the messages.

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