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Take the boat

Well. Back home. Tired, sore and treated.

And I can confirm that the retrograde Mercury transit is helping surface things for me. Things that have been there a while and need to come out before I can take the next step on my journey.
Although I could not have begun to predict how, which smacks of some Uranian influence. And which sign does Uranus rule?

That would be Aquarius.

I don’t think it was a co-incidence that I felt drawn to wear Amber on my solar plexus. I just didn’t see the physical wrapped up in the ethereal. Or rather I chose not to see it. Now though I’m looking right at it.

Yesterday I felt like I was being turned inside out. The pain was excruciating.
I have to confess to crying out to the Angels to help me, wondering where they were. And they came. In the form of paramedics, then nurses, then doctors. All so kind and understanding. One of them even commented on me being a Pisces! Raised a smile for a brief moment.

My message was a reminder of a story which I’m heavily paraprasing. I think it is a Christian one but works on any faith, of the drowning man waiting to be rescued. 3 boats come by and offer him assistance and he refuses saying “God will save me”. When he drowned he asked God why he didn’t help and God said “I sent you 3 boats!”

I am thankful today to Him/Her that I took the boat.

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