Spiritual work

Time for Tigger?

Today was meant to be a day in the office, my last week, but my hacking cough and slight temperature kept me a home.  Sigh. Not only that but writing also seems to be beyond me still, unsurprising given that my throat chakra is currently in what my pendulum would describe as “chaos”

Nothing for it but to wait and let this all play out…Again.

More waiting…Double sigh.

My little glimmer of hope is that this is the dying embers of my own astrological year.  Something which resonates with me is that our ascendant, which is fixed by the time and place where we first took a breath, is linked to our own cycles of change and renewal.  So when Aries hits 11 degrees 57 minutes on Thursday my own year starts afresh.

I chose 2nd April as my last working day based on what i thought were logical factors and an intuition of when would be appopriate to go, I didn’t check the position of the Sun.  And it will change to Day 1 of my new year that day.  Timing is everything it would appear.

The 12th house, which the transit Sun is just about to leave in my chart is associated with illness as well as the unconscious, spiritual and unknown so even the stars above are telling me to sit back and wait.

So i am putting every drop of my intention into a renewed sense of energy towards the end of the week.

Tigger, here we come.


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