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Burning love


Thirty. One.

That’s how many days until I reach a whole year of blogging every day.

I might need some people standing on the sidelines cheering as my figurative last mile is actually starting to feel quite tough. Not that I’m running out of things to say rather it takes every ounce of willpower and discipline to find the time to write every day.

I’m sure runners get what I mean. It’s not that it’s unpleasant or a chore, it’s that it’s integral to the commitment i made to myself. I have adored writing, have learnt so much. More than that i know that it’s a key reason why I now have a shop.

And I am so close. And those muscles are starting to burn…

So if you can, count down with me. 🌟

1 thought on “Burning love”

  1. I’m counting down with you! I just reinvented my website and will be on the bandwagon! I hope your journey pushes you to do great things. You’re very close and this should give you a reason to keep tacking at the keyboard! =) I hope you do a giveaway or something in your celebration of this wonderful milestone.

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