Spiritual work

The Reason

Another busy day at shop. Which is great for both myself and new therapist Ana Mei. Blocks have definitely shifted and things are back in flow.

Granted that flow sometimes feels like white water rafting rather than a gentle punt down the river but flow it is.

I also received a lovely visit from one of the Collective founding members for whom the Universe had different work in store.

That just highlighted the whole principle of Reason Season Lifetime. Life isn’t all that predictable and things rapidly change. At our Collective people get involved where and when they can. Do what they can. Allow flow for all. That way we can support each to do what we love and, most importantly, keep loving it.
Like those mountain paths my friend and I looked back upon we are not always walking together, nor can we, if we want to take a different fork in the road.
Something that fork leads us back, sometimes not and sometimes it takes us back on ourself. But the path is only ours to take.
So I celebrate the time we get to walk together and say with love
Thank you for being with me for
A reason
A lifetime. 🌟

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