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Work work…work

Wowee my natal Moon in most heavily aspected today!

At the time of writing this the transit Moon is taking office in the sensible, serious sign of Capricorn trining my Moon offering messages of practical, structured support. (More on that in a bit) Whereas cosying up to my Moon in a chorus of service, are Mars, Venus and Jupiter. Sheesh.

Work work work. It would seem, and then more work.

Luckily I’ve been a good little Moon in Virgo and embraced those energies with a day in the shop sorting out the business side of things. From meeting my bank manager, to updating the accounts with a generous portion of an Business and Innovation Advice session with one of my long-held dear friend, cheerleader and champion, Mark.  He is possibly the most insightful person I know and has the most unqiue way of reframing any issue or problem that you might have that will take you completely by surprise.

All in the name of Service. The most Virgoan of all Virgo words.

I don’t think those upstairs lot could be saying it any clearer.  And not just for me. For all of us.

“Look to Virgo. Look to her blessings, her nature and her aptitudes. Embrace service to others and heal yourself”

Not sure which of my guides or the planets for that matter that particular message came from but one to reflect on for sure.

In love, light and Divine service ✨

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