Spiritual work

Stories to tell

I have such an urge to write at the moment. The words are all clamouring for their audience and different ones want different platforms too. Some want to crawl out of the end of my pen and seep into my notebook, some want to fly out and take nest in its pages. Some are more digitally minded, like this lot, preferring the virtual sanctuary made up of ones and zeros made manifest by furious thumbs marching up and down the tiny keyboard of my phone. Then there are also the radical group of thought warriors that spill out from the furthest recesses of my brain into the forefront, forming complete sentences, but refusing to move out into the world. They are the ones that usually come knocking on my door at 1am when neither notebook nor phone are nearby or my limbs too achy to reach for them. It’s the polar opposite of writer’s block!
I let them come knowing its my only recourse to sleep. Each one wants to be heard. After that back they go. One day maybe they will come out and join the others but for now I let them whisper their story…

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