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The Pisces Call


Wind Turbines at South Beach, Northumberland 2018 Photo by K. Sivapalan. Free to Use

I stumbled out the Great Sea with legs unsure and unformed.

Millennia passed as I grazed and clawed, grew limbs, and shook off my scales.

In time, my core stiffened to meet new pace, poise shifted and teeth met with tongue.

Through years I shaped clay from waiting wet earth, cementing will and all that I could desire

Until the call came.

The resonant wave I had long forgotten,

That advancing age had silenced with its heavy noise.

My form now ached for the flow of being being to be stripped of its edifice.

And the Great Sea – the bliss of both all and nothing – that had awaited my return.




This poem was inspired by a chat on Twitter with a fellow Geordie and Pisces poet.  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and carries within its vibrations the essence of every other sign.  It has gone through all of life’s experiences and is ready to transcend to a state of pure spirit before the cycle begins again and that spirit is reborn as the raw fire of Aries.

This is, of course, both symbolic and archetypal.  Not all people born under the sign of Pisces have done it all and are ready to “go home”  but I, for one, have certainly feel that pull, or to stick with the poetic metaphor, that call.  Pisces is often considered to be immersed in the world of feeling and imagination, coming from a place of no boundaries and blurs, as a result someone with significant Pisces energy may come across as vague, dreamy and overwhelmed by not just their own but others’ emotions.

Obviously this can be great if you want to write poetry,  not so great if you want to write HR reports or implement business plans.  (I am starting to see what led me here now!)

This may form part of a series of astrological based poems to be written in the time of each sign, however, as this is my own Sun sign, it will stand on its own for now.


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