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I see with Love


I see with my heart

I see your love, your pain

The time you won that award

The time you scored that goal

I see how you struggled, to love, again

I see your care, consideration, your sense of fair play

I see how you wanted to be something different but found another path, that gave you what you needed

I see the anger that you stop yourself feeling about things from your past

I see the quick wit, the naughtiness, the Boy who would be Pan

I see your heart, grow, taking more space inside you

I see your light, never to be extinguished

(Illuminating mine)

I see your courage, your hope, your comfort

In you and those around you

I see your skin, your flesh, your teeth, your eyes – a tender wrapping for your soul

A soul that has known a thousand lifetimes and taken many forms

I see with my heart, all that you are.

(All I can be)


This came to me this morning thinking of my husband. He has brown skin, I have white skin. We create a literal Yin-Yang when we curl up. We are both opposite and similar. We even made a big joke out of it all at our wedding with in-joke yin-yang references and venn diagrams. After my experience at the weekend (see previous poem) I have asked myself whether when I look at him if I see someone different to me, different by virtue of his skin tone.

I have a technique when I comes to reflective questions like this, especially questions that require pushing through layers of ego and conditioned responses, deep down into my soul. I ask myself the question and let it go. I don’t search for an answer, I don’t check my personal history, analyse past responses, I just wait and eventually a response bubbles up to the surface.

After a while, I heard a voice, it said

“I see with my heart”

The I here is not me. I am a work in progress. This is not virtue signalling. For me, the voice that spoke was the I in all of us. Our soul only knows the spark of Divinity within each “tender wrapping” – our spirit. And it only knows that we are the same.

As the much quoted Namaste tells us

“The soul in me, recognises the soul in you, and sees that we are One”

Love and light

Kirstie x

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