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Cancerian Retrospective

(The wheel turns. The dancer must rest)

Be still now


What is life without loss?

What is joy without love ?

What is Earth with Spirit?


Remember.  Hear the rush of the Great Sea –

The Sea that flows in your veins, through your heart.

As you sit on the shore, embrace the sky above who holds us all


in place.


Be safe now.


Feel. Let the call of the Universe be heard,

keep it deep inside your soul

Cared for as a precious child.



This is the next in my astrological series of poems and relates to the previous published work The Pisces Call.  My IC is at 4 degrees Cancer.  This relates to my hidden self and is likely why I felt this was the most difficult poem to write in the series.  It is not a case of Cancer not being strong in my chart but rather its influence is difficult to detect and then unpick.

To write this poem I sat and waited.  I felt the Sea return.  Cancer, being the first water sign in the Zodiac, is our first connection to the realm of Spirit, what I refer to as the Great Sea.  The crab sits on the shoreline between Earth and the Sea, and is a creature of both.  This is why Cancerians are thought to be intuitive and receptive to subtle energy; they are earthly beings but can hear the call of the soul.

They are also private and prefer the comfort and safety of known surroundings such as their home.  As they are creatures of the realm of feeling, they help us understanding that our thoughts and actions can impact others, therefore they like to care for, nourish and nurture others.

Next up will be Leo, sometime next month, or maybe it will come roaring out of the gate as soon as the Sun hits the sign of the lion…

Love and light

Kirstie x


PS I have also create a video format of this poem, which has a recording of sea whilst I was sitting on the shore.  You can find that here.


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