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The President’s Defense


*Wouldn’t it be great if people did what I wanted?
Followed all my beliefs, knew my right and my wrong?
What a world of perfection and precision I’d have,
if you all just could join in, my global song.

Any “outliers” of course would be found and removed,
hidden from view,  as best I can.
Then I could give everyone what they wanted –
as long as they agreed with my plan.

Oh how I would show love for my people, as any good Dad,
Caring for all, with a watchful Eye.
I’d make sure you were happy and useful
in my world. Oh how hard and how much I would try.

If you happened not to agree with my Process,
I could persuade you with words and diversions.
But if encouragement failed because of your errant ways…
Well I would, with reluctance, order your conversion.

…to make you all better citizens, don’t you see?
To fiin and to learn what is True
How to do what I say – for your own good.
Then I’d make sure no-one could hurt you.

But if you continue to argue, and complain,
or if you decide to put up a fight.
Then, with my regrets and a heavy, heavy heart
I will be forced to show you my Might.

Oh how great it would be!
So just do what I ask!
I really know best!
Just follow my path!
Your future is certain
I will keep you all safe.

Don’t try to defy me!
There is only my Way!

Don’t attempt your escape

As I will hunt you down.

You cannotwill not, win!

I have all of YOU now.

Conform,  or die.

It is your only choice

History will remember –

My LEGACY! My Strength!

(and its terrible price)


30th January 2020

I’ve been watching the Impeachment Trial of Donald J Trump (as titled on CNN) and like many people yesterday began to question my sanity when one of his defence team, Alan Dershowitz, postulated that Trump could not be impeached for a Quid Pro Quo such as that of with-holding aid to Ukraine in return for help with investigating Joe Biden and his son.  The reason he gave was that Trump believe he was acting in the best interests of his country in order to be re-elected, so, as long as that was his goal, there was no impeachment offence.  

I wrote the poem above just after Trump’s visit in 2018.  It’s fair to say he was my inspiration.  However this poem is not about him.  It is about all of us.  We are all capable of this with an unchecked ego, and who doesn’t want to get what they want?  Trump is a living embodiment of an unchecked ego therefore it is not a surprise that he acts this way.  He, and other other would-be and actual despots, believe that they are acting in the best interest of their people.  We know through current and historical records that some disappeared their opposition in the best interest, some arrested dissidents in the best interest, and some fudged elections in the best interest.  

Our ego will always tell us what we want to hear if left unchallenged. – “No, this is not about power and control, this is because you are a servant of the people and you alone can change this.”  The ego worm-tongues its way into all your logic and reason and then this becomes your belief.  Any politician, change-maker, religious figure or poet who believes this is ensnared by their ego no matter their politics, intent and impact.

This poem* is a cautionary tale to us all to watch out for the slither of ego messages that try and worm into our brain.  So the next time you catch yourself saying or thinking I alone can fix this, give this a read, and remember the price countless others have paid before us and what price we might pay ahead.

Love and light


*This poem was originally published as The Alternative (2016 to date). In light of recent events I have changed this to The President’s Defense.

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