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Sustainable Solidarity

Nations are only good for war,
Parties good to divide and split.
Until we work together as one,
the Same will occur
the Always will stay,
And only The Few will profit.


Short and bittersweet this week. I’ve been immersed in politics and reflecting on the phase our society is in. This would be what has been termed “Disaster capitalism”.

I wondered, with my love of words and interest in manifestation, what would be the exact opposite of that; something that had a particular rhythm coupled with a pertinent meaning.

After exploring some options with some friends I settled on Sustainable Solidarity.
Sustainable – solid, building, strong and able to cope with disaster
Solidarity – the shared interest in surviving and thriving not just as a species but as an eco-system (human fate being inextricably linked to that of all life on the planet and the planet itself)

The micropoem below is part of an exploration of what sustainable solidarity would look like and what it would mean, as well as what is likely if we continue on our course.

What does the phrase mean to you? What does it spark?

Love and light
Kirstie 💫

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