change, Hope, Poetry, storytelling

The Frog and the Scorpion Part II

It maybe part of our nature but we can still change.


The frogs and the scorpions gathered side by side as they watched their beloved kin sink beneath the rushing flow of the river.

The frogs bowed their heads and turned away from the scorpions.

“Please!” said the scorpions. “Do not leave us. Now is the time for us to grieve and heal, and to cross the river together.”

The frogs stopped, watching the scorpion stings glisten in the sun. They shook their heads. “No. This is your nature.”

A scorpion, small and younger than the others yet still endowed with a deadly sting, came forward and spoke.

“Please. I know what I am. I will bind my sting with leaves and vines so it cannot harm you.  Together we will reach the other side.”


Change the story 🙏

Love and light

Kirstie 💖💫💖

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