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Shake it UP

Did you know in the UK that if you got sick and your doctor recommended a non-pharmaceutical therapy that made you worse there is currently NO mechanism to report to this?

If they prescribe drugs that cause further sickness then we have the Yellow Card reporting system but if it’s physical exercise or psychotherapy which lands you in bed for months on end – nothing.

You may advise the doctor or clinic that it made you worse but they have NO responsibility to record or report that data save a moral one.

They are also, and have been known to, blame patients for “doing it wrong” or “not commiting enough” or “wanting to be sick” with “false illness beliefs” or the current favourite term “health anxiety”. This has been and, sadly, can continue to be the experience of people with ME, and condition known to worsen after any form of exertion.

And now people with LongCovid are finding the same thing.

Please support ME Foggy Dog’s campaign here to create a national reporting mechanism for non-pharmaceutical harm.

Thank you Kirstie 🙏✨

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