Keeping the faith with the Sequoia

Day 2 or -364 depending on your perspective…

Today i was blessed by the majestic sequoias standing guard in the New Forest. Of course i hugged them (or attempted to) and i also asked to draw from their strength. One for my shop and two to help me restore my physical energy which has been on the fritz the last week.

It shouldn’t be but was a surprise about what Sequoias represent as a spiritual totem… helping to stretch your limits, attain lofty goals. Ha, this one is certainly lofty! ¬†Another source states that the Sequoia is said to be one of the oldest spirits on the Earth, here to help us pursue our own visions.

They have such energy running through them. If you are lucky enough to be near one, just hold your right palm gently on the bark of the tree and feel the deep, strong beat of the Sequoia. You can’t help but feel the interconnection with the Earth, Avatar style.

So do you think my shop name might be Sequoia? I certainly love how it sounds… something to think about!

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