Work work

Today was work work. As in what I currently get paid for, work. I am blessed to work in an environment so embracing of my real self. It affirms to me the importance of authenticity.

Authenticity has been a major watchword on my life journey as had led to making sometimes difficult decisions in where to work and what work to do. So if I don’t feel like I can be myself or feel the need to hide some of my crazy, I know I won’t flourish and I’d rather walk away, even if that is walking away from a hefty chunk of guaranteed income.

Now I have a new watchword to add to my collection. Dream. As in follow it, dare to, live out your and its voice is a strong as that of Authenticity. And its been my dream to live, breath and flourish with my first love, crystals. For a large part of my adult life its been in the background, what you might put as a hobby or “other interests” in a CV. It’s been work but not work work. Soon all that is going to change…

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