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Aren’t cheerleaders brilliant!

One of the good things (well mostly good) of benefiting from a huge dose of Aries energy is being able cheerlead for friends, family and, if you are lucky, yourself. Pure Aries energy is Tigger, its that dog from Garfield and its the guy from the Fast Show that thought everything was brilliant.

Deciding to do something that I’ve never done before, especially when I’ve spent a good portion of life doing something else in a half decent way collecting half decent money, is terrifying, mesmerising and a little bit surreal. And then I share my idea and those feelings suddenly become my baseline.

In taking this kind of leap I need fellow cheerleaders around me. I need the fire stoked, to feel invigorated by my decision and gentle nudges and pushes to stop me going into reverse. I need the Tiggers and people to shout “Brilliant”!

I am sure I am not alone in this experience. Some of us have the inner critic on overdrive the entire time. Our brain doing its best to sabotage ideas by trying to protect us from things that it thinks might cause us pain. Sometimes it wins. But with enough cheerleaders around me, I might be able to drown it out.

Of course not everyone is a cheerleader and at some point I know I will call on those who help me think of the risks, the what ifs and buts. They are invaluable too…when the time is right.

So cheers to the cheerleaders. I won’t be able to do this without you ❤

(for a trip down memory lane or a first view at the genius of Paul Whitehouse)

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