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Ask the Moon

Making a life changing decision is what my friend and amazing coach Gabriella calls a Gulp moment. Its the moment when you realise that there is no turning back, you are doing this. For me its the easy part, much aided by my strong Aries (leap before you look) ascendant. Its still as scary as hell but Aries finds the fun in that.

Its the time before that which I find tricky. This is most likely the effect of a Virgo Moon and Pisces Sun, astrological opposites who come up with ideas and dreams and ways to shoot it down in equal measure. The dithering space if you will.

Over time I’ve created aids to help me figure out whether something i want to do is doable. One of my favourites is “asking the moon”

I forget where but i read somewhere that when considering a decision is to allow the moon to complete a full cycle from the time the thought enters your mind to deciding to make a change. As the moon waxes to Full and wanes to New it sheds a different light onto the Earth and create a different image in the sky. This can tells us that perspective always shifts and how we see something today may change tomorrow with new information or even just time to sit with it. For me, it helps me channel that impulsive sometimes daft Aries energy and even better crystallises how to bring certain ideas into reality.

Tonight as i write this the Moon is a bright what looks like perfect circle (but maybe a wee bit gibbous) in the sky. Seems fitting to give her thanks for her guidance on my journey.

PS Gulp is an insightful, easy to follow book written by Gabriella. If you are planning a Gulp moment it may help you on your journey. Check out her wise words here:

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