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Crystal companions

So it occurs to me that i’ve gone 8 blog posts without really talking about crystals and why a shop. I guess it’s about time I did.

I can’t actually remember when I decided I wanted to open my own crystal shop. Late ’90s I think. And it was’t love at first sight with this career path either. I’d been introduced to these “magic rocks” at a workshop a friend of mine held at her house one day after work. Both curious and skeptical and with the promise of a glass of wine or two I went along to hear her friend talk about crystals, tarot and all kinds of strange things. I remember closing my eyes, holding my hand out while she held a crystal (Turritella agate) over my palm. It tingled, like tiny pixie-like fingers tickling me. I think i jumped, and most likely spent the next year trying to rationalise the experience. I bought three little rocks on what I thought was a impulse – the turritella, blue lace agate and a bright yellow piece of sulphur.

After that crystals became my constant companions. I started to learn about their properties, both geological and spiritual, found myself a crystal healing course and read anything and everything i could to understand why these little rocks were having such an impact on me.

There are a number of viewpoints as to the more metaphysical properties of crystals. The one that resonates with me is that due to their physical composition they carry a unique vibration, or “tune” which interacts with our own vibration. If our vibration is disonant, the tune of a particular crystal can work to create a harmonic resonance which facilitates healing.

I love how unfathomably ancient they are too. The deepest, most powerful connection to our planet. It reminds me how connected I am to everything.

And I know that they have helped me. They have been instrumental in helping me deal with my physical health and facilitated my spiritual development. They are aids in meditation, can be talismans of strength when needed and work to keep my, sometimes treacherous, mind focused on the positive.

So I decided i wanted a crystal shop, to share the crystal love and make this my work work. For a while that was a distant dream. Other work work took priority and there were a few entertaining detours along the way!
My crystal companions were always there though, in my pocket, under my pillow, around my neck but supporting players rather than the main act.

Now for no logical reason I feel the time is right. No doubt its those little magic rocks guiding me with their ancient music. Crystal work work beckons…

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