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Eh? What did you say?

Well it’s week 2 of my journey. I’ve done the eeks and the yays and now I need to get going and, in not an unusual fashion, I don’t know where to start…

In my first post I mentioned that I had done a reading guiding me to manifest my shop in a non traditional way. To let it happen, not shoe horn it into my life, create a business non-plan. So ok, as you wish….

Like the dutiful student, I’ve been patiently waiting for a lightning bolt from the sky, a message told to me in a dream but mainly something that is a teeny bit more obvious that the number 1 and 4. And I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that I’ve possibly, make that most probably, missed the point.

Those of you like me who look for signs and listen out for inner wisdom you’ll no doubt recognise this confused state. We have faith in creating our own reality, really truly…and then get disheartened when things do not appear to change. It is only when looking back usually from quite a distance that you can see there was guidance there all along.

One the reasons I would say is why we don’t always interpret the guidance, is “noise”. This noise doesn’t just come in the form of sounds but thoughts and feelings and usually being wrapped up in a drama of some sort. This can get in the way of tuning in to the universe and our own intuition.
I like to describe this as a radio that isn’t quite tuned in to a station. You hear lots of background whooshing and crackling and sometimes the words fade in and out so you have to get the gist of what they are saying. But you might be left wondering about the detail.

That’s where I am. Ready but bewildered. Lots of questions but struggling to get the answers. I need to tune in, find the station.

Ha, and there you go, through the course of writing this post, the first bit of non plan planning reveals itself:

Silence the noise.

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