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Going Blank Again

I’ve reached my 21st post.  3 whole weeks and according to a number of psychological theories just enough time to form a habit.  Apparently new pathways have formed in my brain that will make blogging on a daily basis much easier.

So of course in some form of rebellious Sagittarian response my mind has gone blank.

Speaking of Sagittarius, tomorrow is a Sagittarian New Moon.  New Moons are particularly apt for going blank as they represent new starts and the beginning again of the lunar cycle.  It can be a great time to start projects or new phases of projects and with that new bold Sagittarian energy it can also add a spring in your step to take a new adventure.

For me I am hoping it helps initiate a new phase to keep up my momentum and de-blank my brain.  Until then I think you’ll all guess where I’ll be…



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