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Piscean reflections

Thursdays are a gift.  They are a non work working day and I have finally gone from worrying about how on earth I am going to fill this day stretching before me to how blessed I am to have a day stretching before me.

And that reflection has be borne out of a day of reflection as promised by my process check. So today I gave myself a good portion of time to meditate and take a long and deep journey within.

The type of meditation that resonates with me strongly is what is usually called “journeying”.  It involves visualisation and imagination and then allowing some part of you to take over whilst another part of your observes the images that start to appear.  Its not quite as non-thinking as other types of meditation but I find it valuable nontheless.

I have learnt over the years I have been practising this type of meditation to take notice of the images, keep a record and reflect on them later.  As with other types of guidance such as being stalked by numbers or my intution, sometimes it takes a while to figure out but I have always found it helpful.

I find that certain meditation music helps.  My particular favourite is Andrew Forrest: Starseed which sounds so expansive, futuristic and ancient at the same time. Like crystal vibrations as music.  In fact I am still listening to it as it also acts to lift the energy in a room.

And let me not forget, my crystal companions.  There is nothing more yummy for me than sitting encircled by crystals. It creates a sacred space whereever I am. Even if the house is cluttered with other things, when I am inside the circle I feel outside of time.

Of course then you have to come back again.  And as astrologers know for a strong Piscean with oh Sun in Pisces in the 12th House conjunct Mercury this can sometimes prove a little difficult.  Some of us with that Neptunian watery energy have a tendency to want to stay in a dream world which is why staying grounded is essential.  Post meditation you can feel a bit spacey, floaty and that part of you hasn’t quite come back. Having some food (great excuse), using a dark crystal such as Tourmaline, Jet or Brown Jasper helps and somewhat bizarrely stamping your feet.

Meditation done and its back to the real world, thinking practical things and focusing on my non plan plan.

And I am happy. Happy to have created just a little space for some good journeying today and not had to lassoo parts of me from the ether.

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