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A break from the old routine

Today I was going to write about routine and its benefits, which I do believe are many, at the right time and the right place.
Routine has helped me greatly. Its helped me manage my M.E symptoms and also it helps me set a foundation in my work work.

Then there is the opposite of routine which is what is also known as the “F&@k it” principle. If fact there is a spiritual movement centred around those two powerful words. And the swearing counts. (although I know my Mum doesn’t like ‘that’ word)

Tonight was such a “F&@k it” night. I saw a very dear friend who I haven’t seen for years and maybe it was the residual rebellious Sagittarian energy still resonating, as it felt the day to indulge…just a teeny bit. I’m not talking full on all night partying here (my inner hedonist is too tired for that) but just a little bit of pushing that sensible boundary.

My exercise therapist (things you naturally say when you have M.E) has taught me that its not just about being level, it’s knowing when to push and when to pull. So sometimes you just have to say “f&@k it”.

This is going to be factored in the non plan plan. I don’t know how at this stage but i imagine its going to help me stay human during the process. Stop me from obsessively poring over risk registers and cashflow analyses.

And with any luck, help me achieve balance.

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