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Crystal contemplations

I have a lot to learn about my pretty rocks. Metaphysical properties I can reel off to you and I can intuitively connect to their energy. I can feel their link to Mother Earth. I can even occasionally tell you how they were formed. But I couldn’t tell you where on our Earth they came from and what their journey entailed in getting to me. I have quite a few pretty rocks around me too. All from different places on the Earth, all with their own story.

I am glad and very relieved that I decided to start this knowledge quest after meditating. With a predisposition to go into great detail and not knowing when to stop (thank you Virgo and Sagittarius) I could get overwhelmed. So I am breathing through it. Reminding myself that 1) I don’t need to be a Geologist and Mining expert and 2) I don’t have to do this alone. In fact I have already reached out to connections that will always know a heck of a lot about this than me.

Conversely I could tell myself I don’t need to know about these things. Ignorance could bliss me into my retail heaven. There are plenty rock and mineral wholesalers out there and with my eyes shut I could build up a supply of varied and unusual crystals within weeks without so much as a google search.

But in shutting my eyes I would be shutting my heart. In our current economic structure, crystals are a commodity. I myself will likely exchange them for money (mainly). As I have written previously, the ethical nature of my enterprise is going to be a key factor. I will therefore become a significant part of a crystal’s supply chain so what part do I play? And what part do I want to play?

I believe researching consciously (and conscience-ly?) will help me. By this I mean being aware of my own tendencies and worries, remember to ask for help and guidance and knowing when I’ve done enough.

This way not only could I find some answers but I also might find that I know the right questions to ask.

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