Spiritual work, Work

Friday beats

I am not quite sure what in my journey today represents. Work work took up most of my thoughts and energy with no obvious theme as before.

If there is to be a theme it appears that its Friday which seems to be the time when I am not sure what to write or having a difficult day. Maybe its the collective TGIF energy that emanates from London, which I am currently experiencing on my tube ride home. Or maybe its the day where I just run out of creative juice and Fridays are my natural recharge day.

Whatever the reason, like other blocks in my life, there it is. And maybe like other blocks this can be re-framed as a gift? Like M.E for example. That comes with responding to and flowing with good days and bad. So maybe I need to find the rhythm and let it guide me.

I just need to work out the music that’s playing.

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