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What dreams may come

“I want to work in a way that I love that produces love. I want to support people who need help and help others to find whatever they need to want to help others. I want to have a space where people can come and spend time in a calm, relaxing and safe space to learn about alternatives, to support their personal development,to be kind and gentle to each other. I want that space to have objects for inspiration and healing- crystals, artefacts, books, cards and people there that can help their healing- talks, treatment, sharing circles all FOCUSED on personal spiritual development.”

This is something I wrote after a deep journeying meditation last year. It’s incredibly personal and I feel a little discomfort in sharing this is such an open way. Well my ego does, my intuition tells me it’s time.

Yes as you can no doubt see it’s a little more than a “shop” which is why a shelf will not do the trick nor a market stall. I call it a shop as a working title because I haven’t found a suitable word to describe it in the English language. It will be part shop for sure because there will be things and services to buy but I also want it to be a space for people to make new connections, not just with people but with things, concepts, ideas.

But I am not focusing on what to call it just yet nor I am pinning down exactly what it will look like.

I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction. Not the get-rich-quick-find-the-perfect-man-Secret version but the attracting into my life energy that which I am sending out. Those pesky 1s and 4s that have been stalking me are reminders to keep my thoughts and energies positive and meditation my daily tool to keep things focused. And this blog, which I see as a holographic representation of me sending out my thoughts into the universe (As above, so below) which is why sticking to it is so important to me.

It’s no easy feat though thanks to an ever present ego and a societal emphasis on logic, reason, planning and profit. Things that have their place but for me, not at the expense of intuition, flow, love and compassion.

I’m still at the beginning of this journey, still a lot to do, to meditate on and reflect about. And I also know that my quote above is a first draft. This idea needs time and perspective and is still taking shape in the ether.

And when it’s ready I’ll have everything I need to be able to manifest it.

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