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Magpie moment

I opened my first wholesale account last night. Woohoo! I now have access to information (and pretty rocks) that will further shape my journey. I’ll be able to know more about a crystal’s journey too.

Today though I did not spend the day checking out every single crystal on their website. I was at work work and the nearest I got to my pretty rocks was training on the Crystal reporting tool. Luckily the strong Virgo (Moon) personality in me quite loves a bit of data interrogation and report formatting so I was not as upset as I could have been. I saw it as a blessing and a message to step back and not get over-excited and start making impulsive decisions.

Also as I have mentioned in a previous blog, I want to ensure that any crystals I buy have been mined and procured ethically. I am conscious that I could be easily glamoured by the beautiful images presented to me, especially as I have a Magpie like quality when it comes to pretty, sparkly things. (Astrologers out there- is that my natal Ascendant or a Sun-Ascendant combo?). So I know this will be a test, a direct challenge from the universe.

I need to take my time, be discerning.

It looks like a day of highly Virgoan pursuits was just what I needed. But I’ll hide my credit card just in case…

2 thoughts on “Magpie moment”

  1. “Astrologers out there- is that my natal Ascendant or a Sun-Ascendant combo”

    I would say it is your Ascendant and all the close major aspects (conjunction, square, trine, opposition) to it.

    My girlfriend has Sun conjunct Pallas in Aries (very tight orb) and she gets obsessive compulsive with patterns, wanting them to be a certain way or it makes her feel crazy. I think with Pallas on her Ascendant she “sees through” Pallas wherever she looks.

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    1. Ah so I have Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius in the 8th house trine my Aries ascendant. I also have Venus in Aquarius in 11th house sextile my ascendant which is less of an influence but may contribute. When i say i like pretty sparkly things i don’t mean traditional glitzy stuff i mean the sparkle of quartz or the natural beauty of rough stones.
      Thank you my dear! x


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