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Come together

About this time in planning a business people would be telling me its time to do my market analysis and check the, here come the speech marks, “competition”.


I have mentioned on more than one occasion that I have been guided to follow my intuition on this rather than the usual planning process. But it has given me some insight that helps on my journey, especially reflecting on the word competition, what it means to me and how it is used. So permit me to indulge a little in another passion of mine: etymology.

Looking at the structure of the word the key syllable to me is “com” meaning together. In fact the original meaning can be seen as to strive together. Or struggle together, fight together. Not struggle against each other, or fight each other as the word signifies now.

I think somehow our use of the word, especially when it comes to business has been distorted. When I think of the concept of competition I see the athletes pushing each other to do better but not because they want others to do worse, but because they want to push themselves as far as they can go. They are struggling, striving together. In its most benevolent sense, ego has been put aside, there is no animosity and no desire to destroy each other.

So I am going to choose the use the word in another way, bringing people together not setting them against each other. Trying together. Challenging each other to keep improving but not the extent of pushing others out of the field or finding ways to take away a piece of the market pie.

Ok, maybe this sounds like, speech marks again, “colluding” to some. Which can be seen as the antonym of a word such as competition- its direct rival even. What a negative connotation we have given this word. I was surprised and happy to learn that it originally means play together! I love that! So maybe we don’t do enough colluding? Maybe business planning should include a competition and collusion plan? That sounds much more fun. Aries ascendant likes that, very Martian in its evolved sense.

So the question for me now is how can I collude with the competition? What are our common goals, our synergy, our journies? What can we do to strive together to improve?

I feel another meditation coming on…

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