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Connection mandala

I drew the above mandala after a meditation on 11.11.11. I saw 21 people in a circle connected through strands of light. They were sending and receiving love and energy to each other. Within the 21, 3 groups of 7. It felt a powerful message then and still is very much with me today. And its about as archetypal Piscean message as you can get with that strong desire to merge and connect with each other and the universe.

Connection. This word is a common theme in what I want to achieve. What I want to be able to do is enable others to make connections that support their own personal journeys whether that is done through meeting other people, exploring complementary therapy, philosophy or connecting with different parts of themselves.
In order to do this I want continue to connect with like minded souls who can offer guidance, suggestions and sometimes just a simple act of reassurance.

I didn’t see this image in my meditation but I knew I wanted to capture its essence. So I used my naïve and basic drawing skills afterward to connect each circle with every other circle on a Powerpoint slide and was completely surprised by the outcome. Not the least because the Spirograph was one of my favourite toys as a child…

Today through various sources I was led back to this mandala and like so many other messages, I can’t quite hear what exactly it is saying to me yet. And maybe the point is I’m not meant to alone.

So in the spirit of connection, I ask for your help. If you are open and amenable, please feel free share anything you receive while viewing the mandala and maybe we can figure it out together.

Meditation 11111

3 thoughts on “Connection mandala”

  1. Hey Kirstie! I got gratitude…. and happiness. Very fitting as I’m most grateful for you and the messages, teachings and inspiration you’ve brought me over the years 🙂 Love your work 🙂 Love and light xxxx


    1. Hi Fiona! How wonderful! Maybe the 21 people are focused on the energy of gratitude and that frequency is creating and sending out happiness?
      Thank you so much for your kind and gracious words and thank you for being one of the cheerleader/helping hands as well as that Sagg wisdom you share! Love and light K xxx


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