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A date with Venus

I am overflowing with the excitement of possibilities today. Full on babbling brook.
A quick look at my chart and I can see a key couple of planets are actively encouraging my outpouring. Transit Venus is almost exactly conjunct my natal Mars, my chart ruler, and their creative collaboration is well and truly stoking the fire.
Let’s unpick that a little. Visiting Venus, the planet of love, beauty, the pursuit of beauty and pleasure; resident Mars the planet of drive and determination -the yin and yang of our solar system- in adventurous, free-spirited fiery Sagittarius, embracing in my house of spiritual learning and far-flung travel.
Yes, the possibilities that are available not just to me but a good many of us feel as vast as our imaginations will allow.

Today was therefore the ideal day to explore and focus that magma-like energy. In previous times this energy has completely consumed me as fire energy can often do and I completely overdo it. This may have involved working straight through without breaks, overindulging on the partying front or trying to do too many things at once but not this time.
With most of the thanks going to the grounding weekend of my visit to my roots and the focus the upstairs guys are teaching me through meditation and inner guidance I managed to achieve increasing my knowledge of mineral deposits, wholesale pricing, additional non crystal based wholesalers (some lovely tarot cards) and also achieve some of that elusive balance today. I have also received some guidance about how to start shaping the physical space of the shop which I am certain will fill future blog posts.
Actually on reflection additional thanks goes to the actual writing of this blog which has through daily practice encouraged me to stop and take stock thus holding the excess fire at bay!

And now I’m going to rest. I’m going to let the fire dwindle back to a gentle warmth. Venus has had her desired effect on my Mars and can now carry on her merry way.

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