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As above so below

About a month or so ago I discovered a TED like video clip that I felt compelled to watch.  The presenter was a physicist with long hair and a hawaiian shirt, bouncing around the stage enthusing about the nature of the universe and teaching the audience a different approach to maths, some of which hurt my head.  His name was Nassim Haramein.

There’s always been a scientist inside me, observing things that happen and writing it down on her clipboard, pushing her glasses up her nose. When I started to learn about such “unscientific” things as tarot, astrology, healing and the energetic vibrations of my pretty rocks my inner scientist was more that a little sceptical. So I spent time learning everything that I could in the spirit of Don’t knock what you do not know. Words started entering my vocabulary such as energy, resonance, vibration, frequency, correspondence. Words that I didn’t expect would be key to this newly ventured mystical world I was stepping into. Then I realised that this weird way of thinking wasn’t too far away for my inner scientist after all.

In fact such things as different crystals vibrating at different frequencies made perfect sense. Everything is energy made sense too and we, as in human structures, vibrate at different frequencies that can change depending on our thoughts, what we eat, what we are exposed to, seemed perfectly understandable.  I hadn’t expected that.

It made me wish I’d concentrated more in Physics lessons at school.

I do believe one day everything can be explained by science, being that the essence of science is the pursuit of truth.  But I also think we have some way to go.  People like Nassim Haramein are working to bridge the gap, negotiators between the mystical and the material. I am sure some inner and outer scientists might raise an eyebrow at his theories but even they couldn’t deny the man has put the work in. Natural phsyicist and mathemetican at an early age and one who dared to ask the supposedly daft questions, he knows his stuff.

He is my reminder that my journey is worth taking.  That I don’t have to deny the inner scientist, indeed my inner scientist and inner hippy can be best of friends.  This is going to play a role in the shape of my sacred space and most likely feature in future blog posts.

Science and spirituality hand in hand.

If you are interested in Nassim Haramein’s work and want to support his journey you can donate to the production of his upcoming film The Connected Universe currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo.  I can’t wait for that one!

Additional: As I saved this post I saw that the word count was 444 and this is my 44th blog. The numbers approve of this message I see!

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