Spiritual work, Work

Spirit of togetherness

Today my proverbial nose was stuck to an equally proverbial grindstone. No time think even daydream about plans for next year, crystals, energy, spaces, the nature of the universe. Just focus on the task at hand.
I was not alone in this either. Quite a few of us had to come together to get it done. I like that aspect of teamwork. When everyone is committed to accomplishing a task, politics goes out of the window and suddenly people are…effective, impactful.

And when the task is done a bond in the team is nurtured.

As I write this ( at lightening speed recognising this is not one of my best posts) I am sitting amongst another kind of group bonding. The work Christmas party. Am feeling the love and the desire in everyone to connect.

And as my food has just arrived and the conversation is steering to the metaphysical I’m going to leave it there, and bond some more.

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