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Adverse reaction

If ever I had an affirmation about following this journey where ever it may lead it was last night. Another work Christmas party for me and a chance to spend time connecting with colleagues and inevitably the question comes up from them about my plans for next year.

Throughout my time exploring these unknown “unsciencey” things like crystals, tarot, astrology I have had a plethora of reactions from others when I tell them what I am interested in, passionate about and why. Reactions that have ranged from open hostility and derision to a collaborative exploration of ideas. Last night I expected something in the middle, maybe middle left. Instead I discovered an openness and encouragement from my colleagues and some new supporters of the mystical world!

The universe nudging me on. The amber doing its work.

This represented one of those moments on my journey into spiritual development where I have steeled myself for adversity, readying my reasoned responses and positively melted when my revelations are met with kindness and understanding. Always a message to me to address my own fears.

It makes me think of another tarot card, a minor arcana one this time, the Seven of Wands. This card signifies a time when we steel ourselves for a fight, maybe because we have been beaten and wounded one too many times and we are anticipating conflict. The Seven of Wands is a reminder that sometimes if you expect adversity then you can hit out first because of past experiences or create a blocking energy where people can’t connect. Either way conscious choice is necessary to ensure that you are reading a situation correctly. Using the ever loving observer, questioning your own assumptions about what is going on, following your own intuition.

Don’t always expect a battle.

Because, as I have learned which was reinforced last night, sometimes that hand you think might be about to give you a slap is actually outstretched ready to help you up. Another helping hand is revealed instead because you allowed yourself to be open to possibility and hope.

And the universe whispers “Keep going”.

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