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Always be positive

I’ve taken to wearing a large amber pendant when out in public.

I started to feel a pull towards wearing amber in the Summer which I wore on a silver chain just above my heart and below my throat chakras, an energetic spot known as the “higher heart” chakra. Since starting my blog I’m now wearing the amber at the seat of the solar plexus chakra just below my diaphragm.

Writing this blog and making my dream public is exposing. With that comes a feeling of vulnerability and a little discomfort. This I have likened to the day that I flew to Peru for an indeterminate amount of time to do I didn’t know what following inner and angelic guidance. Every conscious bit of me was screaming for the comfort of home and everything known but my intuition was in the driving seat. No amount of shouting was going to do the trick so I had to take a deep breath and let go (this accomplished somewhere over the Atlantic on the flight to Lima)

This time there is no shouting just a bit of creaking and Capricornian concern at the new path I’ve seen fit to set myself on.

Amber, not a rock but fossilised resin of course, I have found is an incredible stone for helping accept sweeping change. It’s a feel good stone that spreads warmth and also deflects negativity. I think of it as the bracelets that Wonder Woman wears that deflects bullets, knives, etc. Amber deflects any energetic projectiles being thrown at you – psychic arrows, unpleasant vibes, fear based projections- and can keep your energetic field flowing and positive.
I feel that I’ve benefited from this enormously. When I put on my necklace and place the stone on my solar plexus I feel a soft but strong sense of identity. Not solid and immovable like heavy armour more a projection of vibrating yellow-orange light around me.

A tarot correspondence for me would be the Strength card. This card in tarot represents Yin-like strength, soft control, gentle yet firm and most of all loving and compassionate. This is the flip side the Chariot card which represents Yang-like strength, hard control, dominated by a fierce will.
Both have their place but Amber for me resonates with Strength. With that also comes a thematic message of following my purpose, that is, the purpose I have set for myself.

You could say its one of my major companions in following my purpose. Offering my its gentle guidance, supporting my energy field and maintaining my motivation. And with it’s placement on my personal power centre (solar plexus chakra) its instilling that Strength in me to keep going and trust my voice.

Its another affirmation for following my own guidance too which drew me to work with and wear amber, not so much as jewellery but as a talismanic symbol of staying positive at my core.

Much needed and wanted with the journey ahead. Maybe that’s why there is no shouting…

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