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The most magical time of the year

Today is a massively I mean MASSIVELY powerful day in the heavens with it both being a New Moon and also Winter Solstice.

What a beautiful Solstice day it’s been too. Time for the return of the Light.

New Moons as I previously mentioned represent an opportunity for new beginnings. Harnessing the energy of the Moon to start new projects, make changes, to create something new and different in our lives.
Then multiply this energy by the Winter Solstice. This is the day in the Northern hemisphere when the Sun completes its waning cycle and we reclaim the light. Or you could look at it as the “New Sun”.

Today the New Moon and New Sun are meeting each other in the sky as they are in conjunction. This gives today its particular power, its astrological rocket fuel.

There is a simple New Moon exercise which works well on any New Moon and when the Winter Solstice energy is factored in will pack quite the punch. ..

Find a sacred space where you can have some quiet time and be away from the energies of others. Connect with the energy of the day, just your intention to connect is enough and become aware of your breath until you feel calm and still.
Connect with your heart and ask yourself what changes you would like to make, what experiences you want to have, how you want to be. Take time to listen for the answer from your heart. Like Deepak says, let the answer bubble up.
When you have finished, fold up the paper and find a spot where you can keep it safely.

This is the promise you make between you and the universe. For you alone.

I believe it works on psychological level too. I have found that when I make the unconscious thoughts conscious I can keep them front of mind, stay aware and therefore stay focussed on my desired experience of change. This helps create new connections in my thoughts and allows for the making of conscious choices without feeling forced.

And when I need a reminder, all I have to do is look up.

Happy Winter Solstice. Blessings to you all x

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