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Labradorite, Light

Last night, just before pressing publish, my solstice celebrations began.

I meditated and connected to the energies of the New Moon and Sun and set my intention for the weeks if not months ahead.
I also worked with a piece of Labradorite, my star child crystal. It was one of the first crystals I bought, irridescent, ethereal rainbow colours on a grey, blue polished rock. It always felt other-worldly to me and at the same time like a piece of home.
I had asked prior to meditating which crystal to work with and immediately heard the word Labradorite from what felt to be strong and male force.
Ok then. That would be Archangel Michael of course, cosmic bouncer and all round protector of light. Fairly apt for the start of a waxing Sun.

One of the most used crystal sources is Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible. A much needed combination of Melody’s Love is in the Earth and my favourite, Michael Gienger’s Crystal Power, Crystal Healing. The properties of Labradorite according to Judy include
“[stimulating] intuition and psychic gifts, including the art of the the right timing, bringing messages from the unconscious mind to the surface and facilitating their understanding”
Yes he’s a wise one that Archangel Michael.

I do like to check when i receive these intuitions with reference books like Judy’s. I smile to myself when I see the link. The scientist likes that, she gets to put a big tick on that clipboard. This is my own journey of confidence though, my own particular quirk and certainly not a recommendation when working with crystals.

There is no substitute for your own intuition and no reference like your own connection to spirit.

I am now wearing Labradorite (alongside the amber) close to my throat chakra. This may have already had an effect on my writing as I think the sentence above may have been sent from those upstairs!

So post Solstice it appears the message is even stronger. Time to put the books aside, trust that connection and embrace the change that is ahead.


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