Crystals, Mind Body Spirit, Space, Spiritual work

Reason, Season, Lifetime

Still encased in that magical space today which am now fairly sure is emanating from my amber pendant. Space really is a state of mind.

I have realised too that like any friendship regular communication of love and care strengthens the relationship you can have with a crystal. Also like a friendship it takes a genuine desire to connect for it to flourish.

Obviously inner scientist girl (maybe I should give her a name) wants to do some experiments with this after Christmas and test the relationship of different crystals. How exciting, I have lots of crystals and can get some good data from that. Clipboard at the ready.
But there she is, in the background, my best friend reminding me that this is not a necessary step. Crystals will find me as they always do and when I’m ready I’ll be drawn to one or another depending on what i need.

Of course. Like we find with our friends. And I’m reminded of a piece of pagan wisdom about friendship and I see this applies to crystals too.

Reason, season, lifetime.

Blessed be.

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