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My inner best friend

I’ve spent the day in a very relaxed space today. A space which encourages long, nourishing deep breaths and only random, flyaway thoughts rather than the usual deluge of harried, whirlwind ones. Its a nice space to be in pre Christmas celebrations and one I will cherish come 2015.

I wonder whether it’s the Labradorite that’s working through me? The tingles that have just made themselves known on the crown of my head would say yes.

Throughout my journey into personal and spiritual development I’ve become accustomed with odd feelings and experiences. Words that suddenly appear in my head, knowing things I could not have picked up elsewhere and of course communicating with pretty rocks. And also tingles. Either on my crown which feels like a hundreds of tiny needles pricking away all at once, and down my right side from my head down and out of my right hand. That one feels a bit like when I bash my funny bone.

This is most likely a crown chakra activation which is the energy centre that connects us with what is known as your higher self. Also known as soul, spirit, essence, and the observer. Connecting with the higher self helps challenge any ego desire, fear, absorbing others energies in order to focus on what is truly important and meaningful in our life. Some people are lucky to have a natural strong connection and some of us have found it necessary to work at it. Regular meditation strengthens it, mindfulness and also particular crystals can support the connection. Like labradorite but also selenite, celestite and rutilated quartz.

Once that connection is there it’s like having access to the wisest most empathic friend you can have. A friend that always has your best interest at heart, never criticises your actions and can steer you through difficult times. And like a friend your higher self gives you nudges and sends reminders that they are there, as mine is doing today.

Now my friend is encouraging me return to my quiet space. Enjoy Christmas eve eve, have a glass of wine and be happy with work I’ve done so far.

Good advice I am planning to follow.

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