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Enjoying the view once more

Not quite the end of the month but as tomorrow is New Year’s Eve I’m going to follow tradition and do what most people do on this day and look back over my year. Which leaves today to continue my own tradition of reflecting on the guidance received throughout December.

From the top…

1. When in doubt, ask (and thank) the angels
2. Find ways to collude with the competition
3. Don’t get over-excited. Be discerning, take time and step back.
4. When your body tells you to, “be still”. Be mindful of balance.
5. Be aware of what is actually going on around you rather than worrying about what to write.
6. Find innovation and inspiration in unusual places.
7. Stay grounded. Through meditation and connecting to your roots.
8. When the planets align channel the energy they give you.
9. Pay attention to signs, ask for assistance in their interpretation.
10. Be aware of your programming. Change with meditation.
11. Connect Mind, Spirit AND body. Create a healthy relationship between them all.
12. Find inspiration and hope in art.
13. Explore and connect with existing spaces that create a feeling of love and safety.
14. Science and spirituality can walk hand in hand. Your scientist and hippy can be friends.
15. Enjoy the bonds formed from working together.
16. Feel the love. Sense the community.
17. Work with crystals that increase your positivity and strength. Eg Amber
18. Don’t always expect a battle. Helping hands will appear when you are open to all possibilities.
19. Connect with your observer. Be aware of inner conflict and ego drama.
20. Take time to celebrate your journey when the time is right for you.
21. Make your intentions known to the universe. Use the New Moon (and New Sun) for an extra boost.
22. Trust the answers within. Put down the books.
23. Connect with your higher self, your inner best friend.
24. The crystals will find you. They will be with you for a reason, season or lifetime.
25. Receive the signs (literally!)
26. Retreat and seek solitude after excess.
27. Heal your home and your home will heal you.
28. Explore your IC. Surface your unconscious self.
29. Be grateful for the genius of helping hands!

Reading back over these there appears to be a common theme of connection. The message of mandala I received is still obviously strong. And maybe another message about minding my expectations. Quite a few times this month I have been (pleasantly) surprised by the actions of others so more work to do there.

So that would be 30. Connect and be mindful.

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