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Let them (not) eat cake

For my 40th birthday two good friends, independently of each other,Β  got me cake stands. Cake stands, for someone who doesn’t bake but may like to eat the odd cake or two, usually at an afternoon tea provided by other people. As I said, home-maker, chef or baker I am not.

This Christmas I opened a present from a loved one to reveal…another cake stand. For a short while this sent me into a state of bewilderment involving questioning what it is about me that gives off the vibe of wanting cake stands in my life? Is it that hidden Cancerian which may be hidden to me but not to others? Is it some kind of hidden command for me to learn some other housekeeping skills besides folding and dusting?

Then I saw attached to the box a bright pink post it.

This genius loved one had another idea in mind for my stand and when I read her explanation I could no longer associate it with cake. Yes, you clever people may have guessed it long before I, a crystal stand. As I look at it now its such a perfect way to display those pretty rocks and they seem to like their new abode too. No doubt in my mind that this is going to be a feature in my shop.

So another helping hand shows herself, and an Earth Angel to boot (although she might not realise that yet) and delivers a message to me of support and love.

Cheers hon. I’ll never look at Afternoon Tea the same way again 😊

3 thoughts on “Let them (not) eat cake”

  1. Lovely!

    I am partial to votive candle holders for my smaller crystals. Something like:

    Or this is my favorite that I use (stemless martini glasses in stand):–mediterranean-wine-and-bar-tools.jpg The martini glass has more room than the votive holders. I am obsessive compulsive enough to group like colors together in the same glass (but alternating between glasses).

    I also use interesting large, wide-mouth clear glass vases (I find them cheap at thrift stores) and careful place my crystals in, stacking on top of each other. If you have large quantities of tumbled stones you can make bands of colors with them. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

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      1. No need to point them to my blog. Just tell people your Aries introvert friend recommends it. πŸ˜€


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