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Malachite, Might

Things took a turn yesterday and plunged me into a place of fear. Temporary I know and also necessary.

We had a bit of an unpleasant experience on our bus journey home with an aggressive fellow passenger, nothing too dramatic but enough for me to wobble on my axis.

My ego of course seized on this opportunity and has been writing its own little fear dramas about what things might happen when I am running my shop. Doing its best to destabilise me and make me reverse course.
I can feel it too. A slight fluttering around my heart, a shivering in the veins and sense of high alert in my energy field.

So I have just asked my inner best friend and my crystal companions what will help me and that strong voice came back immediately with “Malachite”.  (Thank you, Archangel Michael)

There is a strength in the stone of Malachite and and a self-assertion in its deep colour. As I hold it, in my left hand asking to receive its energy, it’s beginning to instill a feeling of calm. Not a gentle calm but firm and steely. I can feel it working to still my energy field too. And I can take deep breaths again.

I get a sense that this is a stone of significant Yang energy. Very protective and no-nonsense. I know from previous experience working with Malachite that it doesn’t pull any punches either and can bring out toxins both physical and energetic in a forceful way. Often pairing Malachite with a Ying energy crystal such as Blue Lace Agate or Rhodochrosite can soften its effects.

Today though it appears Malachite on its own was needed. The insidious feeling of fear is diminishing and my ego is back in its place.



Please note: Whilst Malachite has amazing positive qualities energetically, from a physical point of view it is toxic if ingested. Also after working with Malachite it’s important to cleanse the stone regularly. I either place it on an amethyst cluster or use chimes to remove negative energy. You can also use the smoke from incense.

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