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Her First Children

Her temper had finally cooled. The pools of molten lava lay without structure or form in her belly. Now she could travel deep within and create. With each thought, each feeling, each dream, new structures took shape. She wondered about whether there were any of her kind out there, she dreamed of love and companionship,… Continue reading Her First Children

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Hidden Gem

Another first today. Our Collective's first crystal buying trip.  At the Gem and Rock show the Aquarian took me to for my birthday back in March the smiley Brazilian man showing the massive stunning pieces of Amethyst and Smokey recommended to me a supplier. Today I met them and immediately resonated with their energy.  Honest… Continue reading Hidden Gem

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Sacred Violet Care

Today was all about self-care and repair.   One of the healing techniques I work with is known as the Sacred Violet Flame of St Germain.  St Germain is considered an Ascended Master and benevolent higher dimensional guide, and keeping of the Sacred Violet Flame. Working with the Violet Flame is particularly effective when we… Continue reading Sacred Violet Care

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Big personalities

Another quiet Sunday. A good thing too as my body does feel like it's had a good workout and petitioning for a rest day.  Happily granted as I'm still smiling in gratitude to my great day out yesterday. It was a beautiful day. The first of the year where us Londoners rush to embrace any… Continue reading Big personalities

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Malachite, Might

Things took a turn yesterday and plunged me into a place of fear. Temporary I know and also necessary. We had a bit of an unpleasant experience on our bus journey home with an aggressive fellow passenger, nothing too dramatic but enough for me to wobble on my axis. My ego of course seized on… Continue reading Malachite, Might