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Soft tingles, warm whispers

I visited my shop today. On the etheric plane.

Today was the first day of the year I’ve spent completely on my own. At first I was out of the rhythm of it after having my other half with me, and the company of other special souls, for the last two weeks. I woke up, fairly late, and felt a little lost and directionless. I imagine this is a common feeling after becoming untethered.

I also felt lethargic and this, I imagine, is my body getting used to it’s normal routine again. So I pottered. Did some caring for my space of sanctuary and some chores. At some point I felt that today a meditation would be needed, around 4pm. I’ve given myself over to the voice of my inner best friend so I gathered the crystals I was drawn to : Labradorite, malachite, my smokey quartz pendulum and my Sedona Citrine Dow.

After cleansing the crystals with my chimes I went within.

I could feel the energies of the crystals working within my aura. Little soft tingles, warm whispers, as I connected to the Light at the centre of Mother Earth and opened my Soul Star to the Light of the Divine Universe.

It took a while but some time in I started to journey. During my journey I asked to visit the space that would be my shop. Sometimes during journeying meditations conscious requests are granted by our higher selves sometimes not, because it depends who is asking. And I know this is because only our higher selves know the right time.

Today my higher self supported my request and I got to “see” the space for the first time. The details were just forming, some still blurred and in transition but I could sense the layout and the feeling of the place: soft tingles, warm whispers. That made me smile.

I was also blessed by my first visitor, or more accurately benefactor. A figure surrounded by light filling the space holding out a ball of very pale lilac-coloured energy. I received his name. I’m hesitant to share this at this moment as this connection is so new and precious. This may change over the next few months.

He will be my guide. I feel honoured by this and rather humbled.

I have to admit it was hard to leave that space. Those Piscean energies, and as I am learning now Cancerian IC energies, are very powerful and I wanted to stay in my ethereal shop but I received a knowing that it was time to leave and allow more time to pass. And Wait. So I left, with love and thanks, and ended the meditation.

And now (keeping up the metaphor) I’m back on course.

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