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Another step forward today thanks to another special helping hand. As of next month the balance between my current paid HR work and the pursuit of my dream will start to shift. Just as Mercury enters its shadow before turning retrograde in Aquarius, the sign of higher ideals, the collective, the greater good. Who, of course, always like to do things a bit differently.
And for added serendipity the balance will be round about equal at the time of the Spring Equinox. Clearly there’s been a bit of scheming and universal project management to achieve that serendipitous alignment!

I am beyond sure that this is the result of allowing my higher self to take charge.

I was reading a book today called Reinventing Organisations. Yes its an HR book but I was guided to read it. A phrase that jumped out at me was that we are evolving to a level where we want to live our lives authentically, to allow life to express itself through us.

I find this an incredibly powerful message.

Peter Senge (and others) talk about this in their book Presence. In this case about tapping into what is emerging. I believe what they are both talking about is the universal consciousness, our higher selves which are connected to us on an individual and a collective level.
Today feels like a day where that consciousness is finding its way through, breaking through even, as the ego is fond of raising barriers.

And Mercury is guiding it’s way.

On both an individual and collective level I sense that this retrograde period is going to show us, or some cases make us see, that we can do and think a little differently, like our friend Aquarius. It’s an opportunity to tap into our higher selves/the collective consciousness and receive guidance.

So when technology and transport starts to go awry instead of allowing the ego to take me to a place of frustration, I’ll have a chat with my inner best friend instead.

(and of course to perfectly illustrate that point my bus just got caught up in a traffic jam!)

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