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The duvet didn’t want to release me today. Yes another day still ill, although I think I’m coming out the other end of it now as the sneezing is down to one or two an hour.

My other half is not ill for which I am both grateful and annoyed about at the same time. There’s a little girl in there stamping her feet about the unfairness of it all. We’ve eaten the same things, indulged in similar fashion but for some reason (or maybe no reason at all) he is perfectly fine and I’m perfectly floored.

Maybe there are some clues in astrology…

I have Chiron in the first house, a, what’s the term, dwarf planet? asteroid? solar orbital wanderer? Chiron signifies the wounded healer. Where you carry Chiron in your chart is where your wound effects you the most. Mine is the house of self, me.

I also think a 6th house (house of work and routine) Moon in Virgo is very exacting when it comes to its demand for healthy living. This does not sit well with an Aries ascendant at all! What about all that lovely stuff to try and the F@&ck it factor?

That might explain a few things. So am I destined to have to follow a strict diet else succumb to illness?


These are traits, tendencies, not definites. I see astrology as helping unlock and provide understanding but I’m not fatalistic. These tendencies may influence me and sometimes win me over but I do not have to lay down and accept that’s just the way it is.

I believe astrology is there to enable our own growth not be used to explain away why we are unable to grow. The traits we are assigned have a light and a shadow. As do we all. And each trait is like a person we can show love and compassion towards, or fear and revulsion.

For example, the other side of Chiron is that the wound becomes your greatest opportunity for helping, teaching or guiding others. This is bit I’m interested in. I am also interested in the enthusiasm of the Aries energy and the discipline of Virgo.

Their shadow sides might have got the better of me this time but with a little bit of love I can turn it around.

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