Spiritual work

Late kick off

The end of this enforced period of reflection is in sight. I feel thoroughly battered by whatever it was and it has physically weakened me…temporarily.

I did, however, manage some work today. Work I am currently being paid for that is, unfortunately my other work will need to wait until tomorrow.

It does feel good to be active again. Just the feeling of movement and variety of activity gave me a moment of dynamism today. My inner fire signs were very grateful for that.

The rest of me is just taking a massive sigh of relief that it’s over.

Battered does feel a good term to describe the last few days. And not just physically as I know that my ego took this as the ideal time make me question my vision and plans for the future. Using my health is a low but opportunistic blow for my protective ego so I am definitely softened around the edges.

But not my core. As I look at my sign on the shelf amongst my crystals and various other special keepsakes of love and encouragement I can smile at that. My core, my spirit, remains unchanged.

Spirit 1 Ego 0 (in extra time)

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