Spiritual work

Aquarian day out

The other half’s birthday today. The yang to my yin. Yes an Aquarian and Pisces coupling, I am always up for a challenge!
That water/air tension for us is an incredibly creative one. He has been the person most integral to my spiritual growth, appearing in my life when I was in the grip of what I call spiritual arrogance. This can surface after a period of person development training when your ego “Wormtongues” in your ear that you now have all the answers and your way is right. Enter stage left my Aquarian.
Teacher, guide and emotional support I could not be doing any of this without him.
Today is his day. We make a big fuss of each other on our birthdays which is what I am about to do.
So thank you my awkward Aquarian. Today’s gratitude is all for you.
Happy Birthday x

1 thought on “Aquarian day out”

  1. “Yes an Aquarian and Pisces coupling,”

    Sometimes you have to break the Sun-sign compatibility rules. 🙂 Since I have an Aries Sun and a Pisces Moon, I can either feel partner compatibility with my ego or my emotions (but not both). 😉

    I am hoping to meet a mature Scorpio (keyword on mature!). I want someone deep!

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