Spiritual work

Summit to tell me (could not resist the pun)

Problems with my PC at work. Of course. Quite the obvious one Mercury!

What wasn’t obvious was being visited last night by a presence. Not an unpleasant presence but maybe one that didn’t realise it would take me by surprise at 1:30am. Maybe it had jetlag…

So this is what the planets are up to. Opening up our channels to get our attention. Are you listening? Am I? I am clearly receiving but as usual I’ve lost my universal translator.

Otherwise known as Labradorite.
Here we go then.

Connecting to this crystal I immediately saw a triangle within a circle which then duplicated and rotated to create a star and again and again.

Third-eye activation.

This is a time for me, and whomever else is open to it, to pay close attention to what is happening around us. As I said yesterday the upstairs lot are getting very chatty and are sending us wisdom. It will appear in dreams, numbers, supposed co-incidences and meditation.

Not much more yet but I get a sense of insistence. No impatience but more like a gathering for a summit. A spiritual Davos (not my best analogy I know)

And we are all invited.

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